Can disposable plastic lunch boxes be heated in a microwave?

Disposable lunch boxes made of ordinary materials cannot be heated in the microwave because they have a low melting point and can melt even when heated. The heated food may melt together with the lunch box, and the taste is also not good! Phase II foam plastic will melt and undergo chemical reactions when heated with oil.

Microwave lunch boxes are usually made of PP and PS plastics. PP refers to polypropylene, which has good mechanical and thermal properties and is used in various performance laminated materials and packaging materials. PS, commonly known as hard glue or ordinary hard glue, is hard and brittle. When struck, it emits a metallic "ding dang" sound, with a clear and crisp sound, commonly known as "ring glue", non-toxic and odorless. This material can be applied to packaging and is non-toxic and odorless. PP material lunch boxes are relatively soft, while PS added lunch boxes are slightly hard, and there is no difference in other aspects.

These two materials can also be heated in the microwave without releasing toxic substances. It should be noted that most lunch boxes are labeled as suitable for microwave use. Some lunch boxes have lids made of materials other than PP, so they cannot be heated in the microwave. Do not bring lids when cooking. If a plastic lunch box is not labeled with a material and does not have the words' suitable for microwave oven 'or similar content, it cannot be heated in the microwave oven. This type of lunch box may be of inferior quality and should not be used in the microwave.

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